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How I Style My Little Dude – For Cheap!

// Both my Hubby and I love style and fashion. Daniel worked in retail for years – and as for me, well I’m a girlie girl and I love clothes! So of course we have a blast styling our little dudes with cute outfits. But I REFUSE to spend tons of money on clothes that the…

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Introducing Maverick Carl

Sorry if I’ve been a little MIA lately but it’s for a good reason 😉 On August 15th we welcomed our new little dude into the world! A little bit of the birth story {nothing too gross, I promise!}…. The night before he was born I was up pacing the house, I just COULD NOT…

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My Little Minion

      Did everyone have a “happy” Halloween? My little minion was not very happy that he had to keep his beanie on for pictures. He wanted to rip it off his head, the second we put it on him! I put together his costume with almost all thrift store items! // I ordered…

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Traveling with a toddler

Our life has been a little cray cray the last month. Weddings, the beach, the mountains, family, friends…fun! We traveled by plane to Southern California and back, then left the very next morning by car to Oregon. Then we came home and went to a local wedding, and left the next day for a vacation with…

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