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Real is the new beautiful.

Real is the new  beautiful.

    Many of you who know me, know that I am a {recovering} people pleaser. Over the course of my life, I’ve perfected the “art” of being whoever YOU want me to be. It’s compulsion that I hard work to break every. single. day. So last year at about this time, I wrote a…

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More like her…

We all secretly do it. Compare ourselves to the people around us. I catch myself doing it all day. “Is ___ a better mom than me?” ” ___ probably feeds her kids way healthier foods.” “Does ___ drive a nicer car than we do?” “How come  ___ wears cuter clothes than me?” “___ is so skinny…

Kingdom Beauty

Grace, Baby Girl

Grace, Baby Girl

// My counselor once told me to try and speak to myself the way I speak to my toddler. It felt so weird and awkward because I’m one of those moms that is so “goo-goo, ga-ga” over her kids. I constantly use pet names like “Pumpkin”, “Love”, “Baby Boy”, “Sunshine”, “Nummy”, “Squishy” and any other gag-a-licious name…

Faith, Kingdom Beauty

The Story Behind Kingdom Beauty

  Kingdom Beauty was planted in my heart some time ago from the Lord. I’ve always had a passion for all things girly/feminine and I wanted to take that passion and put it to use for His Kingdom, here on Earth. First, let’s go back. I’ve struggled with so many things over the course of my 26…

Kingdom Beauty

Coming Soon: The Kingdom Beauty Series

    I’m so excited to announce a blog series I’m working on – called Kingdom Beauty! {Starting in March} Each month on I’ll feature a woman who represents Kingdom Beauty. And we’ll talk about the Bible, bronzer…and everything in between!  …Stay tuned!

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