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Today, I just need You to love me

I think I’ve had a huge misconception of God until recently. Scratch that, I KNOW I’ve had a big misconception. I’ve believed that He is angry. I’ve believed that He works wonders in other peoples lives but couldn’t {or wouldn’t} do the same in mine. I’ve believed that He wasn’t there. I’ve believed that He’s…


The Big Fat Letter “A”

    Some of you may be familiar with the story of The Scarlet Letter. I never had to read it for school, but I do know the gist of what its about. Here’s a quick summary from Wikipedia: In June 1642, in the Puritan town of Boston, a crowd gathers to witness an official…


Breaking the Spirit of Performace

    I’ve always been a performer…just ask my parents. When we look at home movies from the 90’s, I was always hogging the camera time from my little brother and sister. Like my Dad says “There’s your big head – in the way again!” (He means it literally. I have a huge head and…


No More Quick Fixes.

In life and in general…things have always come easy for me. School – easy. Good grades – easy. Making the Cheer team – easy. Making friends – easy. Falling in love with my husband – easy. Being a mommy {once I made it through the postpartum anxiety part} – easy. I know what you’re thinking…


I’m Trying Something New Today

  I’m going to try something new today. It may not be new to you, but it’s new to me. I’m going to just seek GOD over anything else. Just His presence, nothing more and nothing less. Today I’m going to: Seek God instead of His healing. Seek God instead of needing answers. Seek God…

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