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Real is the new beautiful.

Real is the new  beautiful.

    Many of you who know me, know that I am a {recovering} people pleaser. Over the course of my life, I’ve perfected the “art” of being whoever YOU want me to be. It’s compulsion that I hard work to break every. single. day. So last year at about this time, I wrote a…

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Grace, Baby Girl

Grace, Baby Girl

// My counselor once told me to try and speak to myself the way I speak to my toddler. It felt so weird and awkward because I’m one of those moms that is so “goo-goo, ga-ga” over her kids. I constantly use pet names like “Pumpkin”, “Love”, “Baby Boy”, “Sunshine”, “Nummy”, “Squishy” and any other gag-a-licious name…

Faith, Kingdom Beauty

Coming Soon: The Kingdom Beauty Series

    I’m so excited to announce a blog series I’m working on – called Kingdom Beauty! {Starting in March} Each month on I’ll feature a woman who represents Kingdom Beauty. And we’ll talk about the Bible, bronzer…and everything in between!  …Stay tuned!

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My word for 2015: Reset

/// When I was brainstorming my word for 2015, I was sure I had it figured out. Action. That was my word. I have all of these things I want to do, accomplish, try, begin and get going on. So after I picked “action”, I prayed about it. And I felt God telling me that…


Hold on to Hope…and take Courage again.

I know a lot of people are saddened today by the passing of a well-loved celebrity to suicide. And a lot of people have questions and strong opinions about suicide. I don’t have any answers to give – or any well formed philosophies that could paint a clearer picture of the depths of depression. But I…

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