EVERYTHING You Need to Know About Online Health Accountability Groups


By now, if you follow me on Social Media, you’ve probably seen me post about these “online health and fitness accountability groups”.

So what the heck are they? And how do they work? Can anyone join? Do they really help you lose weight and get healthy?

In this post I’ll answer the most frequently asked questions so you can get an inside look on what it all entails!

So what is it, exactly? 

It’s a 30 day, totally private and safe Facebook group with about 10-15 like-minded women who are on a journey to better their health and their lives!

Who can join?

I run mine specifically tailored for women BUT there are groups out there for men and co-ed ones too! And mine are for women of ALL ages, body types, skill levels, fitness backgrounds….etc! We are all on this journey together – so don’t worry about needing to be “in shape” to join! We all start from the ground up!

What are the workouts?

It really depends on what YOU choose! I always tell people that I want them to pick a program that they will actually ENOJY and WANT to do every day. We use Beachbody fitness programs and there are literally workouts for EVERY skill level and for EVERY interest! From weights, to dance, to cardiokickboxing, maternity workouts, pilates and yoga, to “bootcamp” style and now even country line dancing!! Before you join, I will get to know you on a personal level and use your goals and your interests to find the BEST fit for you!

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 9.25.29 AM

Image Via Beachbody on Demand

What do we eat?

Clean, whole foods! What does that mean? It means we cut out the “crap”!

C= Carbonated Drinks (aka sugary soda) R= Refined Sugars A= Artificial Foods P= Processed Foods

And most of the programs include these CRAZY awesome color coated containers that help you learn how to portion your food and give you the exact amounts you need for YOUR personal calorie bracket!

In the Facebook group, I will provide meal plan examples, help with the containers, recipe ideas and approved grocery lists!

21 day fix meal calendar copy


Image Via Pinterest


{Image Via Pinterest)


{Image Via Pinterest)


I keep seeing you post about this Shakeology stuff. What is it?

Ok, so I tell people this all of the time – Shakeology is my lifeline. It’s a nutrient dense Shake that includes 70 superfoods. Yes, 70. It is like giving the inside of your body a big hug. It’s got tons of vitamins, minerals, nutrients and all of the things your body CRAVES and needs in order to thrive. Trust me, this isn’t some gimmick or “diet shake”. This is the real deal. No artificial sweeteners or flavoring, everything is completely clean and natural.

And in the accountability groups you will get lots of recipes and inspiration for ways to whip up this DELISH superfood meal!

Here’s a {link to a post} that I wrote a while back ALL about Shakeology!


Image via Shakeology.com

But I don’t have time!

That’s the best part. Most of these workouts are around 30 minutes in length. Some programs feature longer workouts – but ones like the super popular 21 Day Fix are literally only 30 minutes. That’s 2% of your day! And you get to do it all from the comfort of your own home! No time spent driving to the gym, finding parking, putting your kids in the day care, trying to figure out what all of the gym-machiney-mabobbers are for, waiting to use machines or weights, then packing up and driving home. Just head to your DVD player or stream on Demand and you can workout ANYWHERE you please!

What do I post in the groups?

All you have to do is take a picture post-workout (we call them sweaty selfies!), post it in the group and you are done for the day!



One of my “sweaty selfies”!


Oh and for the FUN part. Every day I assign a “task”. Don’t worry they are easy and simple! For example, Wednesdays are “Water Wednesdays” so you will have a water related challenge (like who can take most creative water drinking selfie) and I send out awesome PRIZES (holla!!!).


One of my creative water drinking selfies!

What are the costs? 

The online groups I run are ALWAYS free!! The only thing you need to purchase is your program + Shakeology in what is called a Challenge Pack and then you are ready to go! The challenge packs cost anywhere from $140-180 depending on the program you chose. As an example of what all you get, the 21 Day Fix challenge pack includes the DVD’s (you keep forever!), a free 30 day trial to Beachbody On Demand, portion control containers, 30 day supply of Shakeology (which is 30 meals!!), a shaker cup, food guides, me as your forever coach 🙂 and access to be in my accountability groups forever and always!

Alright, I want in. How do I join?

The easiest way is to reach out to me Via Facebook {click here!} or shoot me an email {cherisseredmond@gmail.com}! We will chat and get to know each other and then we will pick the right workout program/ Shakeology flavor for you!

Does this really work?

YES. I joined my first accountability group on March of 2015 and it literally changed my life. The support and the love from the coaches AND the other women in the groups is nothing like I had ever experienced. And seeing everyone post their sweaty selfies everyday kept me pushing and working hard so I could keep up with all of them!

Now, as a coach, I’ve watch hundreds of women transform their lives, their bodies and their health. I get chills just thinking about how so many women have changed the trajectory of their lives AND their families lives – just by taking that leap of faith and joining an accountability group!


My transformation after 1 year!

Jenna's transformation

Jenna’s transformation

Heidi's transformation

Heidi’s transformation

Kaytie's transformation after having 3 kids! Including twins!

Kaytie’s transformation after having 3 kids! Including twins!

To check all of the programs out for yourself head over to this —> Link! 
And to learn more about Shakeology head to this —> Link!


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