My Health Journey: The First Year

My Health Jouney_


I’m feeling all nostalgic and emotional – since this week marks the ONE YEAR anniversary of when I started this whole crazy “getting healthy” thing.

Last February, I was scrolling through Facebook and saw a transformation photo of one of my good friends. She had done some workout program and it had totally changed her body. One night, her and I were chatting online and I asked her about it. She told me all about this thing called 21 Day Fix and invited me to join her in an online challenge group. I was overweight and desperate to look halfway decent in a bathing suit – because we had a 2 week trip to Turks and Caicos that was 10 months away. (Totally vain, I know.)

But first…

Let’s go back into what place I was in physically and mentally. I had two kids under the age of 3 and basically had given up on trying to be healthy. I think part of the reason I gave up is because I was SO freaking SICK during both of my pregnancies – so when the baby arrived and I felt all better, I’d eat like a wild woman to “make up” for lost time and lost meals, so to speak. I’d go for a walk once a week (if that) and then eat like crap and call it a day. McDonald’s was about a mile from our house and it was a weekly staple in our house. Most mornings started with a Venti- Iced-Something-Sugary from Starbucks.

I hated what I saw in the mirror. I knew I had let myself go, but didn’t know where to even begin to get on the right track. I was addicted to buying clothes because it made me feel better (but just for a day) if I had something new and cute to cover my body up. Everything I owned was dark and very “flowy.” I had 2 pairs of jeans I liked and they both were a STRUGGLE to button in the morning. I would sit and think about the days when I was athletic and fit and could eat whatever I wanted and then slip into a pair of size 5 jeans with ease. Basically I would beat myself mentally and then do nothing to change it. And then repeat the cycle the next day.

Then on March 1st,  I  joined my first challenge group and started doing the 21 Day Fix.

The year went something like this:

March – Hated every second of working out and measuring my food in the portion containers. Sore all of the time and was resentful that everyone else was still eating junk, when I was working so hard at keeping my portions in line.


Progress picture after my first month

April – “Hey, this workout thing isn’t THAT bad.” Starts to become a way of life. Wake up, workout and be a mommy and a wife.

May – Started seeing REAL results (mentally and physically) and became a coach just for the Shakeology discount. Switched from 21 Day Fix to PiYo and fell in LOVE with it.

June – Co-ran my first challenge group with my coach.

July, August, September – Began to run my OWN challenge groups. Started getting my closest friends and family on the healthy train. Working out and eating healthy EVERY single day so I could stay accountable to the girls I was helping on their journeys.


March to September progress picture

October/ November / December – I realized “Holy shizz, I have turned this ‘coaching’ thing from a hobby into a full on business.” Became a Diamond Ranked coach in early November. Went on the 2 week trip to Turks and Caicos and yes, I wore a bikini 🙂


Family picture from our trip!

January 2016 – Became the #1 Community Builder in a team of (at the time) 1400 coaches. Hosted my first ever team call about being your authentic self (BTW, talk about a FULL CIRCLE moment for the girl who has literally spent hours crying on her counselors couch and wondering who the heck she REALLY is). Running multiple accountability groups and have a team of my own INCREDIBLE coaches who are smart, driven and passionate about changing lives.


Hosting my very first Team Call, to a team of about 1400 coaches!

February – Started doing Hammer and Chisel (a freaking hard workout program!). Loving the girls in my accountability groups SO much and OBSESSED with how amazing the Made for More Fit Foundation Coaches are. Received my highest paycheck!


With all of the changes from the last year, the thing that has stayed consistent from the beginning to now is this…mentors that believed in me. Girls who saw something in me that I didn’t see. Women who lift me up and inspire me to be the best version of myself every single day. Fellow coaches that WANT to see me succeed. A large upline team of girls that NEVER compete with each other and are there with you for all of the highs and lows of your journey. Women that want to get healthy and see their fellow accountability group girls do the same. A husband that loves me and cheers me on every single day.

My life is a constant cry fest these days. I cry every time one of my girls posts their own transformation picture. I cry every time they share something they have overcome on a Victory Friday. I cried when my dad told me he had officially lost 30 pounds. I cry when a challenger tells me they were pre-diabteic before they started their journey and that the doctor just gave them a clean bill of health. I cry when one decides she wants to pay it forward and run her own accountability groups. I cry when I have a virtual meeting with one of my coaches and she starts bawling and tells me that she KNOWS that she is Made for More.

Last year started as a “get healthy” experiment. Then moved into a lifestyle. It quickly evolved into a career…and has now become a full-blown ministry.  🙂

What a year it’s been. God is so good.


PS – If you are ready to start YOUR journey to a healthier YOU or want to learn more about becoming a health & fitness coach on the Made for More Fit Foundation – PLEASE reach out to me! I’d love to walk through this journey with you!

To keep the legal peeps happy 🙂
“Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill. See our Statement of Independent Coach Earnings located in the Coach Online Office for the most recent information on our Coaches’ actual incomes”.

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