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I started my heath journey back in March with the 21 Day Fix. It’s this AMAZING program that mixes cardio with weights. The best part?  They are 30 minute a day AT HOME workouts!

{With 2 kids, a husband, a blog, a business, playdates, gymnastics class…aint nobody got time for the gym!}


My before and “during”!

And even BETTER is the eating part of the program. You get this awesome set of color coated containers that help you measure out your food! This aint NO diet, people. They “allow” you SO many portions during the day that I always feel full and NEVER feel like I’m starving or deprived if things I love. (They even allow you chocolate and wine! Holla!!!)

Here’s what it all looks like:


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When I grocery shop, I always try and pick items that are kid (and husband) friendly! I steer away from the things that I know are “21 Day Fix Approved” but will just SIT in the refrigerator and rot! When I first started this journey I would go a little crazy and buy #allthehealthyfoods. But if no one in our family actually LIKES the foods…it just sits in the fridge and grows fur. 🙂

Here is a list of all of the foods that I buy WEEKLY and why I love them!

(In order of what containers they belong in)

Green Container (Veggies):

Spinach – Spinach has so many uses! And you can make SO many types of yummy salads with it. My favorite salad is spinach + strawberries + chopped almonds + raspberry vinaigrette!

Onions – they go in everything! I use them in our taco salads, in our lean ground beef + whole grain pasta, sautéed with chicken…and so much more!

Tomatoes – again, a veggie that goes with so many recipes! Or buy the cherry ones and eat them through out the day as a snack.

Carrots – carrot sticks are the EASIEST snack for kiddos!

Bell Peppers – great in salads, or sliced and dipped in hummus!

Purple Container (Fruits):

Strawberries (regular or frozen) – great snack for kids, on a spinach salad or as a dessert with some dark chocolate chips! The frozen ones go in my Strawberry Shakeology!

Apples – best kids snack ever! I keep sliced apples in our fridge at all times. Great with some all natural peanut butter or dipped in a little bit of Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter for dessert!

Oranges – PERFECT for on the go!

Bananas – great in Chocolate Shakeology or use frozen ones to make “ice cream”!

Blueberries (regular or frozen) – finger food for littles just learning to pick up food off of their trays. And when frozen they taste so good in my shakes!

Pears – just like apples, they are perfect to slice and bring along in the kids lunch bag!

Red Container (Protein):

Whole Roasted Chicken – this is a game changer. I just buy a whole roasted chicken from the grocery store and then when I get home, I shred all of the meat and put it in a tupperwear! That way, during the week I always have some chicken to throw on salads, sandwiches or just eat by itself!

Turkey – ground or sliced!

Ground beef (lean) – you can make SO many dinners with some lean ground beef!

Eggs – a staple in our house. The kids like it scrambled for breakfast and I like mine hardboiled for snacks.

Greek Yogurt – again, tons of uses! You can use it to replace butter, oil, sour cream…add granola or just eat it plain!

Tuna – the canned kind is easy to whip up with some mustard (a freebie!) and put on a slice of sprouted bread + top with avocado and onion. Mmmm…

Cottage Cheese – I eat mine plain or with fruit (purple container) mixed in.

Veggie or Chicken Burgers (frozen patties) – The Chile Lime Chicken Burgers from Trader Joe’s are EVERYTHING. No. Seriously. Get some this week, like today.

SHAKEOLOGY – I could write a novel about my love for this stuff. Every morning I SPRING out of bed and practically run to the VitaMix to make my Vegan Chocolate + Coffee Shakeo. To get some for yourself, click –> here!


Yellow Container (Carbs):

Quinoa – my favorite! Quinoa + chicken. Quinoa + avocado. Quinoa on salad. Quinoa in a chicken wrap. Quinoa on a taco salad…I could go on and on. My kids don’t even know that they love it too! I will make Annie’s Mac and Cheese and mix it with quinoa and they have no clue! Healthy and filling!

Brown Rice – replace your white rice with brown! Trader Joe’s has some packs of brown rice that are microwavable so you can pop them in the microwave for 3 minutes and BOOM you have a yummy side dish!

Black Beans – My kids and my husband all love black beans so we use them in all sorts of recipes! We love Mexican food and it’s such a great alternative to pinto beans.

Steel Cut Oats – I use these to make my kids and my oatmeal in the morning. I just stir in some almond milk and top with berries, honey or some greek yogurt. I also LOVE to make “over night oats” with steel cut oats.

My homemade "over-night oats" using Steel Cut Oats

My homemade “over-night oats” using Steel Cut Oats

Whole Grain Pasta – we’ve switched over to whole grain pasta from white pasta. It’s not so “processed” and whole grain means way more vitamins.

Whole Wheat/Corn Tortillas – A much better alternative to white flour tortillas!

Whole Grain Bread – My most favorite bread is from the Eureka Baking Company! They have the most delicious choices of whole grain breads. My favorite is called Grainiac. A lot of times I can find it at Grocery Outlet for a stealScreen Shot 2015-10-27 at 8.11.48 PM

Potatoes – I slice them, season them and make healthy “wedges” to go as a side for things like chicken burgers.

Blue Container (Healthy Fats):

Avocados – My all time favorite “healthy fat”. I could eat it by the spoonful!

Almonds – filling and one of my all time favorite snacks.

Natural Peanut Butter – Target’s Market Pantry has a great affordable kind!

Cheeses – mozzarella, cheddar and/or pepper jack.

Orange Container (Seeds and Dressings):

Chopped Peanuts/Almonds – throw ’em in the food processor for a few seconds and voila! Top your salad with crunchy goodness!

Balsamic Vinaigrette – lots of great 21 Day Fix approved recipes for this dressing on Pinterest!

Freebies: (You can have as much as you like!)



Hot Sauce

Black Coffee

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Coconut Oil


There ya go! My weekly grocery list of our families “must-haves!”

If you are interested in joining me on my health journey, PLEASE reach out to me! I will help you every step of the way!


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    Awesome! Thank you for posting this! LOVE these must have ideas! Gonna print it and apply! We love the Eureka Bread too!

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