Tips and Tricks for those new to the 21 Day Fix

Tips & Tricks


Tip: Week One will be tough. PUSH THROUGH IT. Especially for someone like me, who had a baby 6 months prior to starting 21 Day Fix and had not worked out consistently during or post-pregnancy. I was definitely out of shape and the workouts kicked my bootay. But guess what? It’s only 30 minutes a day and each exercise only lasts 60 seconds. You can do it! 

As my friend Katie put it “…week 1 the workouts were HARD! But by week 3, I was craving them!”


Trick: I’ve seen this one on Pinterest, so I decided to try it out for myself! Do you ever find wishing you had more of the colored containers? (Especially if you take yours on the go!) Instead of buying another set, use the set you have, measure out your portions and put them into color coated baggies! 

Target’s ‘up&up’ brand sells color coated sandwich baggies that WORK PERFECTLY for the 21 Day Fix! 

{The only thing different is that I use the BLUE bags for my PURPLE containers because they don’t come with purple bags. And I use my purple containers more than my blue.}

Green bag = Green Container (veggies)

Blue bag = Purple Container (fruit)

Red bag = Red container (protien)

Yellow Bag = Yellow container (carbs)

So now you can take all of your pre-portioned food with you – without having to buy more containers!





Tip: Try and get your workout done in the morning! I’ve noticed that my day flows so much smoother when I wake up and “bust a move” before the chaos of the day starts! The days that I wait to workout, it kind of looms over my head all day, like “Oh man I still need to work out today!”. If I work out in the morning, I am so much more relaxed during the day and I can move on to all of the other things I need to accomplish that day!

Working out in the morning gets those endorphins flowing – and sets the tone for the day!

Trick: Travel with resistance bands! For 21 Day fix, you will need to have two sets of weights – a light and a heavy set. If you are going to be doing a lot of traveling this summer, bringing 2 sets of weights with you is not always practical. During my second round of 21DFX we traveled to Southern California for a week. We had no room in the car for 4 weights – but I didn’t want to sacrifice my workouts while we were away! I went to Ross and picked up this {pink!!} resistance band for $4.99.

{Every DVD on the 21 Day Fix program has someone you can follow who is using resistance bands as an alternative to weights!}



Tip: Give yourself grace. I’ll say that again…give yourself grace. And patience. And TIME. I’m the kind of person who likes to get things perfectly right the first time. And I get frustrated when I’m not great at something immediately. But that’s not how this fitness journey works. Because it’s exactly that…a JOURNEY! Don’t quit because you can’t keep up with the instructor Autumn. You will build up to that! (I’m still building up to that!) It’s not called 21 Day Fix because you will be exactly who you want to be after only 21 days. The premise behind the program is that is takes 21 days to make or break a habit!


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One day at a time!!!

If you have any questions about 21 Day Fix {or want to join the fun!!} send me an email! I’d love to help you get going on YOUR fitness journey!

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