Grace, Baby Girl



My counselor once told me to try and speak to myself the way I speak to my toddler.

It felt so weird and awkward because I’m one of those moms that is so “goo-goo, ga-ga” over her kids. I constantly use pet names like “Pumpkin”, “Love”, “Baby Boy”, “Sunshine”, “Nummy”, “Squishy” and any other gag-a-licious name you can come up with for your child. 🙂

And to be perfectly honest – it felt so foreign to be sweet to myself because I was used to the girl in my head who was her own biggest critic. Her own worst enemy. The one who made her own life miserable.

Changing my inner voice is a constant battle – and a consistent daily practice of GRACE. 

I’ve picked the pet-name “Baby Girl” for myself because to me, it seems like something God (my Father) would call me too.

So for those days I can’t get my act together…

“Grace, baby girl. Grace.”

For the times I say something harsh or unloving toward my husband…

“Grace, baby girl. Grace.”

For the moments I look in the mirror and pick apart every inch of my body…

“Grace, baby girl. Grace.”

For the days when I have no patience left to extend to my kids…

“Grace, baby girl. Grace.”

When I let a friend down…

“Grace, baby girl. Grace.”

When perfectionism is the driving force behind all of my actions for the day…

“Grace, baby girl. Grace.”

When I make myself (and a million other things) into an idol…

“Grace, baby girl. Grace.”


Just those 4 words can take me out of my self-inflicted anguish and replace it with a Peace that permeates deep into my soul.


So next time your inner voice tells you that you aren’t good enough,  just remember…

“Grace, baby girl. Grace.”


6 comments on “Grace, Baby Girl
  1. Mandi says:

    Love this! Grace!

  2. vrein11 says:

    good word!! Thanks!

  3. Toye says:

    I love this post. I need to start incorporating this in the way I talk to myself as well! Counselors have such good advice. They are like a hug for the soul.

  4. Tammy says:

    Soooooo good! Love this! Thank you!!!

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