Kingdom Beauty was planted in my heart some time ago from the Lord.

I’ve always had a passion for all things girly/feminine and I wanted to take that passion and put it to use for His Kingdom, here on Earth.

First, let’s go back. I’ve struggled with so many things over the course of my 26 years. Through lots of counseling and healing from God’s hands, I’ve been able to identify and work on breaking a lot of the chains that were around me. Stuff like anxiety, panic attacks, depression, perfectionism, co-dependecy, people pleasing and other hurts/pains have at times had such a tight grip on me, I wasn’t sure if I could take one more breath.

But something that I’ve battled the most, I would have to say is insecurity.

From the outside – I’m pretty composed and “put together” most of the time. But on the inside, I’m frantically trying to read your thoughts and figure out what you think of me. Heck, I’m usually trying to figure out what I think of me. I’ve found myself constantly looking in the mirror and I’ve made idols of all things superficial, at one point in my life or another. From clothes, to hair, makeup, shoes, purses…you name it – I’ve put my love for things before my love of God so. many. times.

But instead of choosing to avoid or cut those “things” out of my life, I wanted to create a way to USE them for His purposes.

To take the things we as women, love {like makeup, hair and style} and use them to ENHANCE our natural God-given beauty!

Last year, when I was pregnant with my second baby – I was introduced to an author named Dallas Willard. He wrote books like The Divine Conspiracy and Hearing God {link below} and in his books he consistently writes about the reality of God’s Kingdom (eternity) HERE and NOW on Earth. Not some future far off Kingdom that we will reach when we die. The Kingdom is HERE and we can choose to tune in and live within its realm – every minute of every day of this life.


So what does it look like to be a Kingdom Beauty? 

Here’s the definition that God placed on my heart after some prayer:

kingdom beauty_




I’m not going to preach about how to live like a perfect “Kingdom Beauty chick”. I’m not going to act like I’ve got all the answers. I’m not going to pretend like I’m so secure in myself, that I have nothing to gain from creating this series.

I’m learning right along with you. I’m healing right along with you. And we are growing in God together as sisters in this Kingdom life.

Stay tuned for more, my gorgeous friends…


4 comments on “The Story Behind Kingdom Beauty
  1. Nicole says:

    I love this Cherisse!! You ARE beautiful on the inside and out. I too have fallen victim to determining my own worth based on my material possessions rather than my true self and what is on the inside, what kind of person I am being. God does not care if I’m wearing Louboutins!

    I look forward to reading more!

  2. Tammy says:

    Thank you for always being vulnerable so that we can get to know you and identify with you Cherisse! There is nothing more beautiful to me than raw honesty. I desire to find my identity and security in who Jesus made me to be but I must be honest as well….insecurity and jealousy have had chains around me as long as I can remember. I think I have cried enough tears to fill a river over this…but God is not finished with us yet! Praise Jesus! I look forward to reading whatever God puts on your heart and the truths you will share with us. Love, Tammy

    • says:

      Thank YOU for being honest!! Wow. I am so honored that you read my blog and that we can totally relate to each other! Love being your sister in Christ and YES He is not finished with us yet! Can’t wait to see how He takes us on a healing journey!! xoxo

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