What I'm Loving this month


1) NYX Tame and Frame Tinted Brow Pomade- I picked this little guy up at the NEW ULTA IN OUR TOWN {insert angels singing}. I’ve been dying to try the new Anastasia Dipbrow, but haven’t had the guts to shell out $18 for a brow pomade. So while I don’t know what the Anastasia one is like, the NYX brow pomade is {again, with the angels} HEAVENLY! I think this is going to replace my ELF brow kit that I have been using for YEARS. While the amount you get in the container is small, the amount you need to apply to your brows daily is TINY. Like, barely a tiny sweep of your brush in the pomade will give you some fierce brows!

I bought mine in the color “Brunette”.

And guess what – it’s only a whopping $6.99!


2) maydesigns.com – I stumbled upon this website from their instagram page.

CUTEST. NOTEBOOKS. EVAHHH. My sister-in-love keeps telling me to write down all of the cute things that my boys do or say as they grow up – so I decided to order a notebook for each of them. That way, I can start recording memories! They have TONS of cover options and you can customize them with a monogram and different kinds of fonts! You can also order monthly planners, meal planners, budget planners, wedding planners, cards, stationary…and SO much more!

3) ELF Daily Moisture Stick- Another WIN from Eyes Lips Face. This non-scented moisture stick is PERFECT for people with sensitive skin. The ingredients are nice and gentle –  and include things like Grape, Cocoa, Shea, Macadamia, Aloe and Chamomile. Just take the stick and rub it all over your face before you apply you makeup for the day. I’ve noticed that when I wear this moisture stick under my makeup, the makeup stays on for waaaaay longer throughout the day! {Link to purchase is below!}

What are YOU loving this month? Comment below!


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  1. Those personalized notebooks are adorable…thank you for sharing!

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