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WHAT YOU’LL NEED: (pictured above)

1) Scissors

2) Washi Tape

3) Scotch Tape

4) Sharpie

5) Glitter Tape (optional)

6) Hole Punch (optional)

7) 6 in x 6 in Scrapbook paper pad

8) Bakers Twine or ribbon

Step 1 – Decide how many triangles you will need to make for your banner, by picking a quote. I chose “I Love You”, but you can pick “Happy Valentine’s Day” or anything you’d like! Then, cut the scrapbook paper into triangle shapes. I made mine 6 inches across the top and about 6.5 inches down each side.

Step 2 – Take your sharpie and hand letter your quote, by putting one letter on each triangle. It doesn’t have to be perfect, these are meant to be custom!

Step 3 – Arrange the triangles in the correct order (for your quote) and use the washi tape to tape the tops of the triangles all together for each word. For example: I added washi tape to attach the letters in the words “I” then “LOVE” and “YOU”.

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Step 4 – I took extra scrap paper and free-hand cut little hearts to put in between (to separate) the words on the banner.

(OPTIONAL) I took a hole punch and a strip of glitter tape and created little “polka-dots” to add to the hearts.

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Step 5 – Arrange the banner how you want it (the letters of the quote) and flip it over so the backside is facing up. Then take your bakers twine (or any ribbon!) and tape it across the TOP of the backside of the banner (so it is hidden when you flip it back around) with scotch tape. You can also glue the twine/ribbon on the back, but scotch tape is quick and easy! Leave a little extra ribbon on the ends for hanging.

Step 6 – Flip the banner back around (so it’s facing right-side up) and tape the paper hearts in between each word. I taped mine on top of the triangles for a “layered” look. (Pictured above!)

Step 7 – Hang up the banner and ENJOY! 

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