1) Loreal Voluminous Butterfly Mascara in Midnight Black: I’ve been using this mascara for a couple months now and I absolutely LOVE it. It has a curved brush, so as you are applying it your lashes go ‘up and out’. Giving you a flirty, feminine look! The black color is very dark and bold, which is how I prefer my mascara to look. Here’s a link to purchase here —->

2) Chatbooks: I read about these from another blogger. They are such a brilliant idea! How many of us have hundreds of pictures on our phones that we do NOTHING with? Chatbooks takes your Instagram pictures and organizes them into “volumes” and then prints them in little books! Perfect for your coffee table! My 3 year old LOVES to look through them and talk about all of the fun memories. And each picture shows the date you took the picture, where you took it and the caption you wrote. And the best part? The price! For $6 you get a beautiful 60 page book, and free shipping! Here’s a link to check it out —->

3) ELF Blush Pallet in Light: LOVE this product! It comes in a little pallet with four blushes in gorgeous colors. I ordered the “light” colors and they are so fun, both individually and when you mix them. Fun fact: The little squares pop in and out of the pallet, so you can change them, or remove them! The pigment is awesome so the colors really stand out when applied to your cheeks! Link to purchase here —->




What are YOU loving this month? Comment below and let me know!


2 comments on “January: What I’m Loving This Month
  1. Grams says:

    I’m about chat books with those babies in em:) can I try your mascara? Love you

  2. corieclark says:

    I need to order some chat books! So cute!

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