intromavlogoSorry if I’ve been a little MIA lately but it’s for a good reason 😉

On August 15th we welcomed our new little dude into the world!

A little bit of the birth story {nothing too gross, I promise!}….

The night before he was born I was up pacing the house, I just COULD NOT get comfortable! I wasn’t having contractions but I was feeling pressure in my pelvis – and my back and legs were killing me. I tried everything – sitting up, laying down, even vacuuming the house to try and get my mind off of the pain. At about 11:30pm I realized I was having time-able contractions and I called my mom to come get Bronson so Daniel and I could head to the hospital.

When my mom arrived at our house I went in Bronson’s room to get him up – and I BURST into tears, just looking at him in his bed. It hit me so hard that this was the last time he would be my one and only. My precious first born. We walked him out to the car – and at this point I was crying so hard, our sweet neighbor came out to make sure everything was ok. I remember sobbing and telling my mom that Bronson was my everything, my little co-pilot, my partner in crime. I “sucked it up” as much as I could so I could kiss Bronson goodbye without completely freaking him out.

We headed down to the hospital, about 30 mins away. At this point I was timing my contractions at about every 3 minutes. We got checked in, I got all hooked up and the nurse checked me. I was still contracting every 3 minutes but I was hardly dilated at all. So she talked to my doctor and since I wasn’t dilated and I was only 36 weeks pregnant – they decided to give me medication to try and stop my contractions and sent me home.

On the 30 minute drive back my contractions were getting way worse. We got home and I tried to sleep but I was in so much pain. I finally fell asleep…and 30 minutes later my water broke in bed!

So {once again} we headed down to the hospital and got checked in for the real deal!

At about 8:50am they checked me and I was at a 9 and ready to push. My doctor walked in at 9:00 – I only pushed about 2 and 1/2 times and he was born at 9:02. Seriously, SO MUCH easier than the first time!! I could not believe how easy and relaxing it was this time around!

We didn’t know the gender so the doctor looked at Daniel and said, “Get ready to say what it is, Dad!”

I gave one last little push and heard Daniel say the precious words… “It’s a BOY!”

And that’s how our little Maverick Carl Redmond was born. And I mean little. Since he was 3.5 weeks early, he was a tiny guy, only 5 pounds 14 ounces!

When Bronson arrived at the hospital with my parents, we explained to him that the baby in my arms was the “baby in da belly” {that’s what he called it my whole pregnancy} 🙂

Bronson and Maverick meet for the first time!

Bronson and Maverick meet for the first time!




Let me say it again, God is SO AMAZING.

Not only was the delivery so much faster and easier this time around, but Maverick wasn’t jaundice even though he was born even earlier than Bronson. {We ended up back in the hospital with B because his jaundice got so bad.} AND not only that but our nurse ended up being a family friend {yay!}, and we got released the very next day from the hospital. I recovered so much faster this time…and the best part…{PRAISE GOD!} NO postpartum depression! {I’ll have to write a whole ‘nutha post on that topic!}

I tell people that God totally used Maverick to redeem all the hard stuff I went through after I had Bronson. 

Fast forward to today and Maverick is a little over a month old. He is a little grunty guy, definitely more vocal and a bit more fussy than Bronson ever was – but so darn sweet and precious. Even when he’s fussy I can’t help but giggle at how cute his little face is. He eats like a piglet and is gaining weight like a champ. He’s not a great sleeper yet, and I’m up quite a bit through the night with him. So don’t be alarmed if I look like an un-showered walking zombie and I’m rocking the same yoga pants and messy bun for 3 days straight {LOL}. I am loving every single minute with Maverick and we absolutely could NOT picture life without him. Bronson’s first question every morning when he wakes up is, “Mommy, where’s baby brudder?”

Here are some awesome pictures my sister-in-law Jillian took of little Mav!

IMG_4073 IMG_4323 IMG_4056 IMG_4276 IMG_4064



And one I took a couple days after Mav was born…



Thank you to everyone who prayed for us, brought us food and blessed us with gifts and cards. We love our family and friends so much! 



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  1. corieclark says:

    Love love love that little man and so thankful for the story of redemption that God has woven into your lives! You are such a good mama, wife, sister, and friend. Love you forever! xox

  2. Kayla says:

    I love this post- & I’m so thankful you had such a positive birth experience with little little. Miss & love you guys so, so much

  3. Tonya says:

    Awsome! God is good! Thank you for sharing…

  4. April Best says:

    I just love that last picture!

    he is so handsome!

    and praise God for healing 🙂

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