The big fat letter A


Some of you may be familiar with the story of The Scarlet Letter. I never had to read it for school, but I do know the gist of what its about. Here’s a quick summary from Wikipedia:

In June 1642, in the Puritan town of Boston, a crowd gathers to witness an official punishment. A young woman, Hester Prynne, has been found guilty of adultery and must wear a scarlet “A” (“A” is a symbol of adultery and affair) on her dress as a sign of shame. Furthermore, she must stand on the scaffold for three hours, exposed to public humiliation. As Hester approaches the scaffold, many of the women in the crowd are angered by her beauty and quiet dignity.

While this woman, Hester, didn’t choose to wear the “A” she had to bear it as a sign of shame. And everyone knew exactly what it meant…adultery.



What if I told you that I too wear a big red “A” around on my shirt?

A for Anxiety (disorder). And add a “PAG” for Panic Attack Girl.

And no one made me wear it, I put it there. And the enemy has made sure that it’s on there nice and tight.

I’ve worn it around for a long time now. It goes with me every where. When I wake up in the morning and put on my shirt for the day…it’s already stitched on there, good and ready.

It’s invisible to the naked eye, but I know it’s there. I feel it on me every where I go.

At home – I’m better. I don’t need to hide it or think about it. It’s when I’m in public that I feel this deep shame and humiliation and I could swear that every person I talk to can see this big fat red “A” on my chest.

I had no idea I was doing this to myself until God revealed it to me very recently.

And I’m SO thankful that He loves me right where I’m at, but way too much to leave me here.

I think almost every one wears scarlet letters on their chests in one form or another.

A = Abused / Abuser, Anger, Adulterer, Addicted, Abortion

CO = Cheated On

F = Failure

UE = Unemployed

S = Single

D = Divorced, Depressed, Debt

DFC = Didn’t Finish College

NC = No Career

JSAHM = ‘Just’ a Stay at Home Mom

WM = Working Mom

OW = Over Weight

P= Poor

G = Guilty

UA = Unattractive

BM = Bad Marriage

FP = Family Problems

And I could go on and on….trust me, I’ve worn quite a few of those.

When we look at Jesus, we can only come up with all of the good, amazing and precious labels that he has.

But guess what? When He died, He passed ALL of those labels on to US. YOU and ME. We have them ALL. And those old labels we placed on ourselves? They mean NOTHING. We may see them day in and day out, but God doesn’t see any of them when He looks at us. They just flat out don’t exist to Him.

And when we discover and BELIEVE this (Which I’m currently in the process!) those big red letters we wear on our chest become covered, stained and then washed away with His thick, red blood

So here are my new labels I was given by Jesus:

H = Hopeful. C = Courageous. R = Righteous (made right). LU = Loved Unconditionally. NS = No Shame. NSOF = No Spirit of Fear. P = Patient. K = Kind. G = Gentle. S = Strong. J = Joyful…

And my favorite, F = FREE.

These and ALL of His good labels are for YOU and I to wear proudly. It’s the concrete truth. It’s just up to us to…

1) Believe that these labels are ours.

2) And then to ask God to SEW them on our hearts every morning when we wake up.  

It’s no easy task at first. Every morning, out of habit, I still wake up and throw that old letter “A” on my chest. I have to ask God, over and over again – and choose to believe, over and over again, that His Word is true…and to show me my REAL labels again.




3 comments on “The Big Fat Letter “A”
  1. Corie Clark says:

    Aaaahhhh! So beautiful Cherisse! Made me cry! I love you so much and guess what, I see all of the things that God has labeled you. You are beautiful and I’m so thankful that you are seeing it. xox

  2. Kayla says:

    Oh my lanta!! you’re amazing. What a simple yet brilliant way to look at the way we think about ourselves. (I have a few different letters to remove myself.) keep it up sister girl

  3. Julianna Kelley says:

    For years….many, many, many years….I was told I was dysfunctional because I was from a dysfunctional family. I began walking with God wholeheartedly when I was about 15 years old. I was home schooled starting in 9th grade so I spent most of my time with the Lord, studying His word and learning to hear his still small voice. I saved myself for my marriage and served at the church and served God. Yet, still no matter how my life transformed, I was still told this lie that I was dysfunctional. I even got a deliverance thinking “Maybe now, I will not be seen as dysfunctional?” I got married at the age of 21 and had my first child at 22 and continued to serve God, read his word and raise my child in the Word, yet still I was dysfunctional. No matter how hard I tried and no matter how my life was completely different from my family’s life, I was still called dysfunctional and if I stated that I was no longer dysfunctional because of the Word of God and stood on scripture….Then I was told, THAT made me dysfunctional….I couldn’t get away from it! It began to make me crazy as I knew that I was NOT dysfunctional. I lived my life according to the Word of God. It was even said of me that my husband “saved” me from my family..I was even called jokingly “The Juli Project”. My husband in no way had anything to do with this as I knew he did not agree. He began listening to Kenneth Copeland and I began listening…For the first time, I heard what I had always heard from God in my quiet time with Him….You are NOT what people say you are, You are what God says you are! It felt like a cold drink of water in a desert. I FINALLY could stand on the WORD and not waver in my thoughts. I had support for the first time. For the first time, someone was not trying to “fix” me. I could use the Word like a sword and cut that LIE off for GOOD!!! I never went back! I will never let that lie in my life again!!! I am a new creation, old things are passed away and behold, all things are made new! I love to hear about others who are doing the same thing because this touches my heart so deeply 🙂 Thank you, Cherisse!

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