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In life and in general…things have always come easy for me.

School – easy.

Good grades – easy.

Making the Cheer team – easy.

Making friends – easy.

Falling in love with my husband – easy.

Being a mommy {once I made it through the postpartum anxiety part} – easy.

I know what you’re thinking “Oh boo-hoo, why are you complaining Cherisse?”, but here’s the thing…

Now I’ve developed this pattern over time of EXPECTING all things to come easily. And when they don’t – I fall into a pit of defeat, despair, hopelessness, anxiety and being really hard on myself.

And on this journey with God, He has showed me over and over again that I HAVE to RENEW MY MIND. 

I’ve started and stopped working on this aspect of my life 1000 times. Why? Because it doesn’t come easy or natural to me, so I give up and look for a quick fix. I practically RUN to the internet, friends, counseling, self-help books and many other things to “fix me” – when the answer all along has been REPLACING my toxic thoughts with God’s Word.

I’ve known that’s “the answer” for a few years now, but like I said- since it’s not a quick fix or an easy discipline to achieve I just work on it for a day or two and go back to my broken, anxious thoughts.

So here I am today…and I’m starting {again!} on the path of a renewed and refreshed way of thinking. God’s way of thinking.

I fully believe that if you can change your thoughts, you can change your LIFE. 

Today I’m choosing not to quit. But also not to be hard on myself when I fail {because I will}. I’m choosing to replace my panicked/anxious/broken thoughts with God’s Word. I’m choosing Grace. I’m choosing a better attitude. I’m choosing positivity. I’m choosing Truth over lies.  And I’m choosing to do the hard work, even though it feels un-natural and too tedious.

And I’m choosing the mind of Christ over mine.

Have any of you gone through this process? I’d love some advice and encouragement as I start working on rewiring this messy brain!







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  2. corieclark says:

    Beautiful, Cherisse! It reminds me of what Caroline Leaf spoke about at Colour Conference last year. And there’s actually scientific and biblical truth that backs this. When you fill your mind with God’s word it literally kills the bad thoughts.
    Love you!

    • says:

      I love Caroline Leaf! I follow her on FB and I totally believe all of her research is true! Love you too!

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