1) Macadamia Oil Shampoo and Conditioner

This stuff. Whoa. I’ve been seeing a lot about Organix Shampoo and Conditioner for a while now on Pinterest {follow me here!} and I’ve just been reluctant to try it. I ran out of my good, beauty supply stuff and needed something asap. So while I was at Target I picked up the Organix Macadamia Oil Shampoo and Conditioner. It is SUPER moisturizing on my dry, highlighted hair. The first time I used it – I thought I didn’t rinse all of the conditioner out because my hair was instantly smooth and tangle free, even without running a comb through it. It’s sulfate free, smells heavenly…and the best part? A bottle is only $5.97 at Target!

2) NYX at CVS








HAPPY DAY! NYX is at CVS! This is one of my most favorite makeup brands. Their products make you feel like you are using department brand makeup but without the price tag. This makeup is QUALITY. I went to CVS and picked up a new blush, eyeshadow pencil, a liquid illuminator and eyebrow pencil {reviews coming soon!}. NYX is also carried at Ulta and at some Targets – but now you can run to your local CVS for all the good stuff!


3) Summer Styles at Target

Screenshot 2014-04-28 20.13.20


Screenshot 2014-04-28 20.10.57


Oh sweet Target, how I love thee.

Target is killing me with their summer clothes and shoes. I’ll take one of everything please! I am loving this boho-chic look that is in right now. It’s a little “coachella-ish” mixed with sweet and feminine. I picked up a pair of sandals {pictured above} when all of their sandals were 20% off! I usually by one pair of cute, strappy flats every year – and then wear them to death until the next spring rolls around.

I’m giving you all a fair warning: this year in particular, walking through the clothing section at Target is dangerous and requires an exponential amount of self control 🙂

4) Anything by Jennie Allen

AnythingI bought this book on my Kindle App a while back. I started reading it one night and let me tell you, the tears were flowing. This book is about what happened when a pastors wife prayed “Anything” one night – giving total surrender to God and allowing Him to do whatever He wanted in her life. I had to re-read almost every chapter because there is so much to take in.

I felt like she was writing this book for me.

Right now in my life I am in a season of surrender so this book spoke to me in huge ways. Jennie understands how hard it is to surrender when we would rather stay in our life of comfort. I loved this quote…

“I can barely obey God without thinking, What will it cost me? I don’t want to think that way. Left to myself, I am just that selfish. I want things. I want comfort and fun. I don’t want to suffer. I want to feel in control. Today I don’t want to be typing and studying about God’s glory- I’d rather be at Target or on Facebook.”

How true is that? But she goes on to write about all the AMAZING and POWERFUL things that happened in her and her family’s life when she decided to fully surrender. It is a MUST read book!

What are you loving this month? 



8 comments on “April : What I’m Loving This Month
  1. kayla says:

    love this! I will have to try the shampoo, & I’m so excited to learn nyx is at cvs!!! <3 <3 great post as always!

    • cherisseredmond@me.com says:

      Thank you sister!! Yes pick up the shampoo and conditioner. Magic, I’m telling you! Love you baby girl!

  2. I LOVE the book Anything by Jennie Allen too, did a book study of it last summer through Good Morning Girls. I am thinking about doing one this summer with her new book too, I have it downloaded on Kindle and have snuck a few peeks at it already, good stuff!

    • cherisseredmond@me.com says:

      Katie, which book is it? Restless? I want to read that one too! Let me know that you think when you start reading it!

  3. Caitie Avery says:

    Great post! I love Target ahhhh I have been loving Trader Joes coconut oil, organic, raw, good for hair, skin, cooking and only $5.99!

    • cherisseredmond@me.com says:

      Thank you for reading my post sweet friend! Trader Joes is my FAVORITE place to get coconut oil too! I love that is has 100’s of uses!

  4. Nancy says:

    I love you Cherisse!!! I love your blog!!!! I try everything you recommend!!! Love you guys

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