1) Bath and Body Works New Hawaiian Scents

I got an email from BBW about their new Hawaiian line. I LOVE Hawaii, so I was dying to try them all. I went in to the store and got to smell all of the new scents – and they are magical! Today I got an email that their candles are 2 for $22 – so I ordered a Caribbean Escape and Island Margarita candle. I can’t wait for my little house to smell like a dream vacation!


2) It’s a 10 Miracle Leave in Product

I went and got my hair done last week and I got my hair lightened up for the spring/summer! I love highlights and I just feel more like “myself” when I’m blonder. {Don’t ask…it’s just my thing!} But the bummer about more highlights is more dry, damaged hair. I got a bottle of this product from my hair dresser and I couldn’t wait to try it! After I showered and washed my hair, I sprayed this stuff on my damp, towel dried hair. Then, after I blow dried my hair felt so soft and tangle free. The brush just breezed through my wild, wavy and tangly hair…like it was nothing! I am sold on this stuff! {Click here for a link >> It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product, 10-Ounce Bottle }


3) Triple Lanolin Mango Vera Lotion

I love getting mani/pedi’s. I mean…what girl doesn’t? At my favorite local nail salon they always finish the mani/pedi by massaging this lotion on my arms and legs. It’s my favorite part of the whole experience! I leave the nail salon, and my skin is super moisturized – even the next day!  This stuff smells HEAVENLY.

So the other day I was at Sally’s Beauty Supply and I picked up a bottle. I could never figure out why I loved the smell so much and then it hit me – it smells JUST like the tanning salon I used to work at! (I know, I know, tanning is super bad for you. FYI – I haven’t done it in years but I still love the smell of the salon!) It brings back so many memories {shout out to my Tropical Tans girls!} and this stuff smells like the epitome of summer time. Yum!

{Click here for a link >>>Triple Lanolin Mango Vera Hand and Body Lotion 20oz }


4) Jason Mraz 

Random, I know. But on St. Patty’s day I went and watched him perform a live acoustic show. I used to listen to him all of the time and I’ve seen him live before…but it had been so long since I’ve seen him perform that I forgot how freakishly talented he is. His voice is so soothing and his lyrics are so uplifting and positive. I’m currently back on a Jason kick. I can’t wait for his new CD to come out! 

Here’s one of the most romantic songs on the planet…


What are you LOVING this March?


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