Milani Lipsticks: Pink & Red

I was scared of lipstick until this year. I had never even tried to wear them.

I felt like I couldn’t pull it off without looking like a clown. {I am terrified of clowns, BTW}

But now that I am working on stepping out of my comfort zone – and expanding my “cosmetic horizon” (among other horizons), I have discovered that I LOVE wearing lipstick!

It’s so fun and makes me feel a little more “dressed up” on the rare occasions I get to go out {minus a toddler attached to my hip}.

Milani is a drug store brand available at places like Walgreens, CVS and WalMart.

|| Their lipsticks are AMAZing. ||

First off, the actual lipsticks smell like watermelon. Yes, you heard me right. I don’t know what kind of magic they used to pull that one off, but it makes me want to wear them that much more. 

They have a matte finish – so you can leave them matte or add a clear gloss over the top to make it shine.

And…they are long wearing! I wore the Rose Hip color to a Zac Brown concert last week, and my lipstick lasted all night long 

Oh and did I mention they are $4.99 at Walgreens? {Link here}





Me and my amazing friend Corryn at Zac Brown 🙂


 Let me know if you try (or have tried) any Milani lipsticks – comment below!

XOXO- Risse

6 comments on “Milani Lipsticks: Pink & Red
  1. Poor clowns always getting a bad rap, lol. But no you look far from clowny, you look so pretty in Pink or in Red! I love lipsticks but have never tried bold color because I have such small lips, feel like it draws attention to them. Maybe if I outline them larger than my lips first?? Now that would look clowny! I usually buy Mary Kay or one of the major drug store brands like Revlon or Cover Girl, but I will definitely give the Milani lippies a try.

  2. Kayla says:

    I randomly happened to buy “Flamingo Pose” Milani lipstick this week, and I’m in love!!! youre right, It smells just like watermelon Smackers, and it totally lasts all day- even after eating a meal! Love it!

  3. Jaleen says:

    I saw your photo from the concert and was inspired to try lipstick. I always just use some philiosphy gloss with no color, ha! Maybe I will have to branch out too!

  4. ashley says:

    Those colors look beautiful! I’ve seen this brand @ the drugstore, but didn’t know how the lipsticks held up. Is the Red Label lipstick blue based? Also have you tried their other products like the concealer? I am always on the hunt for a good (and cheap) long lasting one. Thanks.

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