I’ve been sick since Saturday and for the first day and a half, I only used toilet paper to blow my nose.


I know, horrible. We were out of legit tissue. I pretty much wrecked my nose from the constant blowing and wiping with the toilet paper and now I’m Risse the Red Nose Reindeer.

Along with Winter comes allergies, dry skin and colds/flus. So I though this was the perfect time of year for this post.

Here’s my “how to” on concealing a red nose.


Step 1- This is the key step. Apply Coconut Oil or any soothing facial lotion to your entire face. Then, apply a generous amount to your dry, red nose – and rub it in. I got this Coconut Oil Creme from Grocery Outlet. rednose3

Step 2- Apply your liquid foundation as you normal would. I applied mine with CLEAN hands.

Step 3- Take your concealer (I used Maybelline Fit Me) and DOT around the red area.

Step 4 – Take your CLEAN fingers and blendrednose4

Step 5- Grab your favorite face powder (I’m using Rimmel Stay Matte) and with a CLEAN finger swipe it in the power and apply to your nose OVER the concealer. Pat, pat, pat until the powder is blended in. You can add more powder and keep patting until you feel like the area is fully covered. rednose5I then added a little bronzer, blush and mascara.

(Excuse the cheesy face.) Hey…I’m sick not dead 😉

I can’t stress enough using CLEAN hands to apply your makeup, especially if you’re a sickie head. You can use brushes or sponges if you want- but if you’re sick it’s a good idea to wash your brushes after you use them. Better safe than sorry!

Stay healthy friends!

XOXO- Risse

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