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If you are a mom, wife, career woman, or a student- you know how hard it is to get out the door when you have only a few minutes to put yourself together. Here is my QUICK and SIMPLE makeup routine for when I am on a time crunch and need to get my booty out the door!


ALWAYS moisturize! Don’t skip this step! It’s so good for your skin and it makes your makeup last all day! I use Boots No7 Beautiful Skin Lotion (available at Target or on Amazon).


Next, take your foundation and pump some onto your finger tips. YES, I know – this may be unconventional, but when you’re on a time crunch, this works fast and efficiently! Take the foundation on your fingers and blend DOWN. Make sure you even blend down your neck – you don’t want to see a line of foundation on your jawline! I’m using my good ol’ Rimmel 25 Hour foundation.


Now, time to “wake up”! Grab your concealer (I’m using Maybelline Fit Me) and ‘dot’ underneath your eyes. Then take your finger and blend down toward your cheekbones. You can also add concealer to any blemish and blend, blend, blend! I pretty much NEVER skip concealer under my eyes. If you have dark circles, or haven’t slept well…concealer is a God-send!


Now, time for some blush/bronzer. I have a new favorite (pictured above). This is the Sunset Duo by Milani. It’s available at places like CVS or WalMart.


Take your blush brush and swipe it around your face in the shape of a ‘3’. Starting from the top of your forehead… down your temples..across your cheekbones..and down your jawline. Then add some bronzer down your neck! Quick and easy contouring!


For some of us, filling in our eyebrows is ‘optional’ if you are running short on time. If you DO have time, grab your eyebrow kit (I use the ELF kit, available at Target) and swipe the brush (it comes with one) – in the wax AND the powder, together. Then, fill them in along their natural lines. I usually don’t have time to make my brows look perfect, so this is a great way to fill them in fast!


Quick Tip: If you don’t have time to pluck your brows, take your concealer and COVER the stray hairs. Then take your finger and blend the concealer into your lids!


Next, apply your mascara as you usually would. I am LOVING this Milani Total Lash Cover. You can pick some up at CVS or almost any Drug Store.


Add some lipgloss or Chapstick and you’re ready! I’m loving the Baby Lips from Maybelline. It’s got SPF and it’s very moisturizing. I use the clear one so it looks more natural than a pigmented lipgloss.

^^^(I had to add a picture of my little man on the couch. He’s so cute when he just wakes up!)

There you go! Now go and conquer the world my gorgeous friends!

XOXO – Risse

Here is a list of the products I used:

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  1. Renita stone says:

    I really like how quick and simple you touched all the main details to make your face Pop and so refreshed !

  2. Virginia says:

    Thanks , very useful

  3. Great quick makeup tutorial! I love BabyLips Chapstick, it has done wonders to my poor dry lips! I will add step 4&5 to my morning routine, thanks!!

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