What you’ll need:

-Curling Iron

-Hair Band

-Bobby Pins and/or a Spin Pin

**Step ONE- Start with dry hair. Unwashed hair works the best! If you already have curly or wavy hair, you can leave it as is.

But if you have straight hair I’d recommend using your curing iron and adding some waves!

**Step TWO- Decide which side you want your bun on, and French Braid TOWARD that side.

Your french braid should start right behind your ear – go across the back of your head – and end below the back of your other ear.

Like so:


**Step THREE: Secure your braid with a hair tie. You will be rockin’ a side pony for a minute 🙂

**Step FOUR: Grab your side ponytail and twist it into a bun! Then use your bobby pins or Spin Pin to secure the bun.

Here’s where the messy comes in. Since I added waves to the hair, I like to grab some curled hairs from the bun and pull them out (so they hang out) and so the bun looks messy and not like a perfect cinnamon roll 🙂


I usually pull pieces out from around my face and curl them for some extra mess. Can you tell I love messy hair?

My beautiful models are my sister Kayla and her friend Chelsea!




Here’s a recap! 


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  1. Kayla says:

    Love it! You’re amazing sista girl!!!

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