Quick and Easy Headband Tutorial:

You will need:

-Ribbon spools (same pattern or different)





Step 1- Pick out your ribbon. I picked these 2 little spools of ribbon at the Dollar Store! I loved them because they look crocheted and are a pretty cream color.

Step 2- Measure them around the size of your head, and cut to the correct size. I left a little slack on mine incase I needed to trim the ends.

Step 3- Take your needle and thread and stitch the 2 pieces of ribbon together at one end.

Step 4- Repeat step 3 but with the other ends of the ribbon.

Step 5- Gather all 4 ends you just stitched and bring them together so your head band is now in the shape of a circle.

Step 6-Then, stitch it all together (so it stays in a circle) and Ta-Da! You have a cute and easy headband!

Trim any strings that are still hanging around 🙂

//Here’s my final product. Enjoy!



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