I love me some beauty products, but what I love even more is saving moola! If you were to walk into a regular grocery store like Safeway or Raley’s to buy the beauty products you use every day, you would spend a good chunk of change. This is why I have fallen IN LOVE with the Grocery Outlet and the Dollar store!

“Beauty products at the Dollar Store/Grocery Outlet, you say?”

Yes! These retailers can carry the same NAME brand products you love, for CHEAP! Here’s a pic of my loot from the other day:



The Dove Bar is from the Dollar Store and it’s the “soft peeling” kind, meaning it has little exfoliators in it. This soap is super moisturizing and the exfoliators scrub away all of your dead skin, leaving your skin soft and smooth. And hey, you can’t beat a dollar!

The pack of cleansing wipes are from Grocery Outlet. I ALWAYS buy my face wipes from GO. For a pack of 60, they cost $2.49 and but there are other wipes that are even cheaper. They didn’t have my favorite Green Tea wipes this time, but those usually cost $1.99. I use wipes to remove my make-up every night before I wash my face. That way I know that ALL the yuckies are removed from my face and neck.

Another product almost everyone uses is tweezers. The Trim brand slant tweezers cost around $3.99 at places like Walgreens. I got mine at Grocery Outlet for $2.99. It’s only $1 savings, but all the little savings add up!

The pack of Cotton Rounds are great because they have a ton of uses. You can remove your nail polish with them, or use them to apply face astringent! I use them with my No7 brand cleansing lotion at night to clean my face. These little bad boys cost $3.98 at Walgreens, but I picked mine up at Grocery Outlet for $.99!

—-Stay tuned for more savings on every day beauty products! – Risse


Grocery Outlet is a West Coast Retalier. Here is the link to find a GO near you!




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