A while back I had enough points from the Sephora Rewards program to get a free gift. They sent me a Clinique Chubby Stick in Mega Melon. I LOVED it. I have worn it almost every day since. It’s definitely my “go-to” lip gloss. Then…the dreaded “click” happened. You know that sound – when you get to the end of a chapstick or lipgloss? I looked up how much it would cost to re-order one, and *gasp* they cost $21. Yaaaa…no thanks.

So when I was cruising through the cosmetic aisle at Target the other day, I stumbled across the ELF Jumbo Lip Gloss Sticks. I grabbed one that I thought most resembled my beloved Clinique lip gloss.

And wouldn’t you know…almost an EXACT duplicate! Did I mention the ELF Jumbo Lip Gloss costs $2!?!The color is beautiful and it’s the perfect combo of matte finish with a little simmer.

photo-23 photo-24



FALL IS HERE. That means it’s time for a few of my fave things : Leggings with boots. Pumpkin Spice Lattes. And dark nail polish.

This Wet N Wild nail polish is called “Under Your Spell” and it costs $1.99 at CVS.

It’s a dark plum color with a beautiful copper shimmer. And it’s”Mega Last” meaning it’s long wearing. Love love love!

photo-25 photo 1



As I mentioned in one of  my previous posts, I am LOVING the Boots Brand No 7. It’s from the UK and it’s exclusively  sold at Target. I decided to give the No 7 Stay Precise Felt Tip Eye Liner a try…and I have mixed feeling on this product.

Pros: It gives a SUPER sharp line. It is seriously like a Sharpie for your eyes. Which means it’s very easy to apply in seconds. 

Cons: It draws a really thin line, so I had to thicken it up but filling it in a bit, and adding a “cat eye”. I have hooded eyelids so when I open my eyes, the liner is hard to see. For me personally, I like a thicker line above my upper lash line.




The links to purchase these items are listed below.

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