You will need:

  • A chalkboard (mine is used, given to me by my brother)
  • Chalk Paint (I used Rust-oleum Chalk Board Paint)
  • Paint Brush
  • Regular Chalk or Liquid Chalk Pens


I try and do a new chalk creation for every season/holiday. The one pictured above was my summer time chalk art. Now that we are getting in to fall, I thought I’d change it up. It’s not fall themed, like I had originally planned but I saw this quote on Pinterest and fell in love…

Help pollinate the world with the pure love of Christ


My brother had an old chalkboard that he gave to me when he moved to San Jose. I decided to paint the frame white, and I bought some Rust-oleum chalk paint so I could refresh the actual board.

Because I use liquid chalk pens, instead of regular chalk, I have to repaint my board every time with a new coat of black chalk paint.


The liquid chalk pens are easier to work with and a lot bolder, but they don’t erase easily like regular chalk.



Next, I plan out my design. There are SO many great chalkboard ideas on Pinterest. Here is the link to a board I have dedicated just to ideas for my chalk art.

After I have my idea, I use a white chalk pen (or you can use regular old chalk) and outline the words and illustrations. That way I can get a better idea of the spacing and sizing before I start filling in, coloring and making things more “permanent”.

If you make a mistake, or need to change something and you are using a paint pen – grab a damp paper towel and carefully wipe away the area you want to fix. Try and be quick, the longer the paint pens dry, the harder they are to remove from your chalkboard.



Then I fill in the letters with lines, colors, patterns…add drawings (like my little bumble bee),add effects, graphics etc. Get creative! There are no wrong or right ways when it comes to designing your chalk art!



Let the paint pens dry, and voila! The final product!



Have fun and don’t be afraid to get “artsy-fartsy” with your chalkboard creations!

*Links to the supplies I used are at the bottom of the page




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  1. Corie Clark says:

    Great tips, Cherisse! This is such a cute board and I love the quote!

  2. april says:

    Hey featured blogger of the day! 🙂 your project looks fun…and I love how the quote came out with the cute little bee

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