Our life has been a little cray cray the last month. Weddings, the beach, the mountains, family, friends…fun! We traveled by plane to Southern California and back, then left the very next morning by car to Oregon. Then we came home and went to a local wedding, and left the next day for a vacation with my family for 4 days at a cabin in Graeagle, Ca.

A bit chaotic, but we made great memories!

Any who – traveling with a toddler is no easy feat. They need naps, snacks, sippy cups, diaper changes and most of all…to be entertained!

Here are some of my tips and tricks for traveling with a tot!



Before we went on all of these trips, I made a stop to the Dollar Store. I picked up a pack of these Sesame Street flash cards – perfect for throwing in my diaper bag. Whenever Bronson got restless, we looked at pictures of his favorite Sesame Street characters and practiced saying some words! Great distraction…and there’s learning involved!

I also found this little cardboard book at Fred Meyer in Oregon. I try and only let B have cardboard books in the car, otherwise he rips the pages out and/or colors on them with crayons. The cardboard books are more durable and you can wipe them down if they get drawn on. 🙂



If you have a tablet or iPad, it will save your life when traveling with a toddler! I have the iPad Mini, and I have it loaded with movies, shows, games and apps. One day when I was browsing the Internet, I found the coolest invention on Amazon. It’s a car Head Rest mount for you iPad.  It comes with a case that “velcros” your iPad to the back of your head rest. That way Bronson can watch movies in his car seat, and when the movie ends, I can easily detach the iPad from the head rest so I can start a new show/movie. Best $2o I ever spent!


photo-15 photo-16

Any parent knows that when you go out to dinner with kids, you always end up with these plastic drink cups. Most of the time we just leave them on the table at the restaurant, but lately I’ve been bringing them home so I can re-use them in the car! They fit in Bronson’s cup holder, and the lid is perfect for closing his cup when he done with the snack. Another fun ‘tid bit’, when you put Cheerio’s in them, the straw hole is only big enough to dispense one Cheerio at a time. That way you don’t look over and see your little one (and your car) covered in cereal!


Trust me, I am still learning as I go – being as I am only a first time parent. Of course, we still had plenty of melt-downs and tears during our travels this last month, but overall…it was so much fun to take my little man on lots of summer adventures!





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