My Favorite Drug Store Beauty Products

rlp bog beauty prod

In 2011 I got certified as a make-up artist. The best perk? Getting a “Pro” discount card for different companies! I have one for MAC, Smashbox and Benefit (before they discontinued their program…sad day for Risse!). And as much as I LOVE getting discounts at these companies, I also LOVE trying and comparing Drug Store products to the more expensive brands.

If you love saving money, you can get coupons for all the major Cosmetic Brands in Sunday’s newspaper or online, as well use Drug Store programs (like a CVS card for “extra care bucks”) and that way you can get great make-up for CHEAP! 

Here is Part One of my favorite drug store beauty items:


 One of the best foundations I’ve used isRimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation. It comes in a little tube, but a little goes a long way with this stuff. It’s a thicker foundation that gives you GREAT coverage that lasts ALL day long. Seriously, this stuff will stay put even on the hottest, sweatiest days!

elf contour blush and bronzer

Another great products is the ELF Contouring Blush and Bronzer Duo. I STRONGLY believe in the art of contouring and high lighting! It can completely change the look of your face. I have a professional pallet that I use for big events, but for every day use I love this duo.

I brush the the bronzer in shape of a “3” on each side of my face – and then down my neck. Then I use the pink on the apples of my cheeks – and blend, blend, blend!  Easy and affordable at $6!


I discovered the Boots Brand while browsing the cosmetics aisle at Target. Boots is a UK based brand that has become popular in the US over the recent years. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Boots No 7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Lotion. It has become a staple in my nightly routine. After I wipe all of my makeup off with a makeup removing wipe, I take a wash cloth and wipe this lotion all over my face and neck . It takes off every speck of dirt or makeup I may have missed and leaves my skin feeling smooth and soft!


Good make-up brushes can MAKE or BREAK how your make-up looks. Seriously. Great brushes will flawlessly blend your make-up and crappy brushes will streak and cake your make-up. Ecotools Brushes are some of the softest, best quality brushes I have used. I’ve tried just about every brand of brushes out there, and I always end up buying more Ecotools. They are super affordable and available at places like Target!

Stay tuned for more of my favorite affordable beauty products!

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