I try and keep an active lifestyle. I love to go on runs (or walks) with the baby jogger and I help choreograph dances for a local High School cheerleading team. For all of you who work-out, you know that buying exercise clothes can cost big moola! Personally, I like the shirts that are a breathable “Dri-Fit” material and of course I like them to be comfy (and cute)! So when I score gently used exercise I am beyond STOKED! Here are some examples of my recent “thrift SCORES”…

Red Danskin Shirt

Red Danskin Shirt – $2.00

Danskin Active V Neck - $18.00

Danskin Active V Neck – $18.00

 I got this Danskin shirt for $2.00 at Salvation Army. It was originally $4.00 but I went to SA on a day that all clothing was 50% off. It it listed at $18.00 (its original price on Amazon).

Black UA tank

Black Under Armor Tank – $4.00


$24.99 at Footlocker

Here is a black Under Armor Heat Gear Tank top that I found at the Goodwill. It retails for $24.99 at Footlocker  , but I found it in the tank top section of the store for about $4.00!

Nike Crew Neck Dri Fit - $4.00

Nike Crew Neck Dri Fit – $4.00


Nike Dri Fit Crew Neck Tee, Zappos - $31.99

Nike Dri Fit Crew Neck Tee, Zappos – $31.99
Here’s another Goodwill purchase I made. It’s a purple Nike Dri Fit crew neck shirt. I got it for $4.00 but a similar one on Zappos retails for $31.99.
So in conclusion, if I would have done some online shopping for my work-out tops, I would have spent around $75.00. But for the same shirts in GREAT condition at a second-hand store, I spent $10.00.
Thats a savings of $65.00!
I am picky about my thrift scores. I only buy shirts that look gently used (NO arm-pit stains, rips, or funky smells). And surprisingly enough, they are pretty easy to find!
So how do you sort through all of the chaos to find these beloved “thrift scores”, you ask?
Stay tuned for my tips and tricks of surviving thift shopping!

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