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So I made a decision about a month ago when I finished reading the book 7 By Jen Hatmaker  to start buying MOST of our families clothes, used. So I donated a bunch of the clothes that I had been hanging onto (but would never wear) – and I started on my mission to create a “new” wardrobe, made mostly of thrift scores! Don’t get me wrong, I still make an occasional clothing purchase at Target, Old Navy etc. But I have discovered that there are so many great reasons to become thrifty.image

  1. SAVE MONEY – This is a “no brainer”. The amount that you will spend on a brand new item of clothing in a store, vs the amount you can spend on a similar, lightly used item of clothing is substantial. I have some perfect examples, which I will post in a little bit.
  2. RECYCLE – The more we buy NEW clothes, the more that companies need to manufacture new clothes to keep our shopping appetites fulfilled. Did you know that the US has 3,091 active landfills? And I am willing to bet that a good majority of that trash is our old clothes. Why not take the time to give away your clothes to someone who will give it a second “life” ? The more trash we throw into landfills, the more trash our kids have to deal with in the future!
  3. GROWING KIDS – Now…I only have a toddler, but speaking from that experience – he grows like a weed. It has just become too hard to justify buying NEW clothes for him, when they will be snug in about 3 months. I found a local store that sells all gently used kids items and in that store, I have found Bronson some CUTE stuff. He always looks handsome – and that “Baby Gap” shirt cost me 1/4 of what the person probably paid for it at the mall.                                                                                       I know it’s harder to buy second hand when your kids are older and looking “cool” is the most important thing in their lives, besides their iPhones. But there are great second-hand stores that only accept and sell “brand name” clothing. One of my favorite places is Crossroads Trading Company.  They buy, sell and trade only trendy and in style clothing, and they have lots of locations!
  4. FUN!- My mom is an AVID thrifter. We still love to get together on Fridays and hit all the thrift stores in our local area. We always end up finding great stuff – like work clothes for her, exercise clothes for me, golf shirts for my hubby and lots of other fun things. The thrill of the hunt is what makes “thrifting” a fun and cheap activity. AND – when you shop at your local thrift stores you are supporting your local buisnesses. We live in a small community and the more we all support each other – the better our town will be for raising our kids here. It’s a WIN – WIN!



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